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Did you know that every day an animal

persistently infected with BVD (bovine viral

diarrhoea virus) stays on your farm, you are

losing money through reduced fertility and

poor growth rates


BVD is a highly contagious viral disease of

cattle. Finding and removing BVD from your

herd will mean an end to the direct costs

associated with BVD infection, such as poor

fertility, ill-thrift and poor production. BVD

also causes immune suppression, increasing

the chance and severity of secondary

diseases, such as pneumonia and scours.

The BVDFree England Scheme launched on

1st July. This is the first national scheme in

England, with the aim of eliminating BVD

from all cattle herds by 2022.

The Scheme uses a simple four step

approach to achieve this objective, using

the ‘ADAM’ principles:

Assess the level of biosecurity and

disease risk on your farm,

Define the BVD status of your herd,

Act to remove BVD from your farm

and/or to make sure you stay free

Monitor progress with an annual status


Once your herd/individual animals have

been tested, those test results will be

uploaded onto the BVDFree database. The

negative BVD status of your animals is

displayed on the database, so you can

promote this when trading. You can also

check the BVD status of animals before you

buy any new stock, so you don’t bring BVD

back to spread infection to your herd.

Joining all the other farmers in the scheme

and working to achieve BVD free status

means your herd will be recognised as

BVDFree; a great way to differentiate

yourself in the marketplace.

To join, please visit the website

and click on

‘Join the scheme’

XLVets are fully supporting the elimination of

BVD from all cattle herds in England.

For more information on BVD and the

benefits of eliminating BVD through BVDFree

please contact your veterinary practice

or speak to your vet next time they are out

on farm.

You can also visit

or follow

@BVDFree England

on Twitter.

BVDFree England Update -

Scheme launched on

1st July

Scotland’s Chief Veterinary Officer Sheila

Voas recently visited Northvet as part of

her fact finding tour of the Highlands and


Sheila said she was impressed with the

proactive approach that Northvet was

taking towards animal health and welfare.

She is pictured with myself and Bob

Norquay having received her Northvet

“Toorie” which all FarmSkills attendees are

presented with.

Andy Cant,

Northvet Veterinary Group

L-R Andy Cant, Sheila Voas and Bob Norquay

Scotland’s Chief Veterinary

Officer visits Northvet