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Lambert, Leonard & May held a Game Day on

the 25th of May, in conjunction with Checkley

Wood Shoot and Huvepharma for XLVets

practices. XLVets member practices were invited,

along with their gamekeeping clients, to have a

discussion about good management practices

and biosecurity in the release pens. We had

attendees from Severn Edge, Rutland, Midshire,

Willlows, Glenthorne and Wright and Morten.

Ivor Beavis, from Checkley Wood Shoot

welcomed us to the lodge and we filled up on

sandwiches before heading out to his rearing

field. Richard Byas, from Sandhill Vets, lead the

‘Walk and Talk‘ and focussed on the

importance of sourcing good poults. Various

topics were discussed, including water quality

and temperature, stocking density, coccidiosis

and disease control. Specific emphasis was

placed on the reduction of the industry reliance

on antibiotics.

We also had the opportunity to view the

breeding hens. Nick Beavis, who heads up the

breeding and rearing production, gave handy

tips on managing the birds to produce good

quality poults. There was a lot of discussion

on the pathogenicity of hexamita, with

Richard adamant that good biosecurity and

management could reduce the disease

challenge and potentially avoid the need for

antibiotics to control this spironucleus.

Richard also spoke about the importance of

good veterinary advice and why a vet visit to a

shoot is so important. After a good couple of

hours of walking and talking, we returned to the

lodge for a presentation by Dr David Welchman,

from APHA and President of the BVPA.

David spoke about diseases in the release pens:

what to look out for and tips to improve

biosecurity and reduce disease challenge. He

also covered the importance of sourcing good

quality, robust poults and spoke about the

reasons why medication might not always be

effective. David stressed the importance of

veterinary advice to ensure correct diagnosis

and treatments.

The discussions and questions were varied -

with both keepers and vets keen to delve into

further detail on the subject matter. Later on in

the afternoon, it was time to let off some steam

and the group joined in with the Checkley

Wood Weekly Clay Pigeon Shooting

Competition. It is fair to say that the keepers

well out-performed the vets on the day, with Joe

winning crack-shot of the day. The stands were

incredibly testing, varied and there were some

very high birds indeed. Checkley Wood Shoot

is definitely worth a visit to get your eye in

before the season.

Our thanks to Lambert, Leonard and May for a

great day to improve the knowledge of both

vets and keepers for the coming season. Thanks

also to Ivor and the team from Checkley Wood

Shoot for hosting a superb day and to

Huvepharma for their support.

Gamekeeper day

Hazel Goodwin,

Lambert, Leonard & May

Dr. Richard Byas, Sandhill Vets