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Time flies.....

It’s great to get out and meet new clients,

discussing what they do, and most importantly

what we can offer. As part of XLVets we have

access to a huge range of resources, be it

individual vets’ knowledge or equipment for

running our own FarmSkills courses. This means

we can offer the best service, and build some

great working relationships with our clients.

As part of this service we frequently hold talks

and courses for the farm clients, and have a

number in the pipeline at the moment. I’m

particularly looking forward to getting some of

our sheep farmers involved in the discussion

groups which we are currently planning within

the practice. We plan to collect and discuss

production data from participating farms, and

compare how the small differences in farm

systems can be reflected in the data. I’m sure

there will also be a competitive aspect, which I

hope will encourage farmers to be as efficient

and productive as possible.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since

I started working in practice, with vet school

being a distant memory. We are lucky that our

practice proves popular with students, meaning

we usually have two around at any one time. I

really enjoy taking students out with me,

particularly those who are really farm-keen.

Not only can the extra pair of hands be useful,

it’s a chance to chat through what’s changed

in the year since I left.

We also get a number of work experience

students visiting us through the year who are

looking at getting into the veterinary course. It’s

always nice to be able to show them a little

snapshot of what we do. We try to get students

out on the more exciting jobs whilst with us,

as we have all taken on the role of doing

paperwork at a TB test, and know how boring

it can be. Surgery tends to be a particular

favourite of students, regardless of their stage

in the course, as it was for me. Over the last

few months I’ve had a number of surgical

cases, from standard twisted stomachs and

caesareans to the more interesting such as

creating rumen fistulas – something I had not

come across until doing it, so it proved to be a

new learning experience for all!

With the so-called ‘summer’ drawing to a close, the workload

is increasing and the autumn calving block is starting to get

into swing. Along with the seasonal increase, we’re also

seeing a number of new clients joining the practice after

opening our new farm branch in July.


Matt Raine


Wright & Morten

About me

I graduated from Nottingham in July 2015,

and started work here in Cheshire just a

week later. Having grown up in a sheep

and beef farming family in the North

Pennines, I was always farm-focused

through my time at university. I was lucky

enough to get the job with Wright and

Morten, working in solely farm practice.

Our day-to-day work is largely dairy based,

however there is a good balance of sheep

and beef work mixed in, which I find

particularly interesting.

In September 2015 I started the XLVets Farm

Graduate Scheme which involved an

eight-day crash course for all aspects farm

vetting. This really spurred my interest in

how we can offer more to our beef and

sheep clients, as with the unpredictability of

the livestock industry there is increased need

for efficiency.

Outside of work I enjoy shooting, getting

back up to the family farm and working

my unruly cocker spaniel.