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Train the Trainer Update
In 2009 before we launched FarmSkills,
we wanted to make sure that our vets
delivering the training understood
how to put their messages across in
a practical way, relevant for every
delegate coming on our FarmSkills
courses to make our courses really
effective on farm.
We met and engaged the services of Vince
Holley and to date have now had more than
200 of our vets follow a two day workshop
in Instructional Techniques - over 45% of them
have completed a further 3 days to enable
them to be LANTRA Awards approved. The
training courses focus on areas including
analysing skills, understanding learning styles,
writing training objectives, questioning skills
and preparing instruction and training plans.
The courses also improve confidence and
communication skills for more effective
management of people and delivery of
training within their business.
Over 200 vets completing training is a
fantastic result and ensures that our vets
delivering FarmSkills training are doing so
to the highest standards of clinical and
communications knowledge. If you think this
sort of training course might benefit your
business, please get in touch with the training
team on 01765 608489.
Vince Holley
BVD has been described as the most
important viral disease of cattle. It causes
financial loss because of its effects on
fertility and production; it also affects the
immune system causing other diseases (such
as calf scour and pneumonia) to be more
common and more severe than they might
otherwise be, increasing losses, reducing
productivity and increasing vet and
medicine costs.
Although national BVD control programmes
have been running in Scotland and Ireland
for some time, England and Wales are now
progressing with a programme to ensure
barriers to the trade of cattle between
countries do not start to emerge. The AHDB
and XLVets have launched a programme
for a ‘BVD Free’ England, to help raise the
levels of knowledge in how to control the
disease. To date over 150 vet practices in
England have signed up to be part of the
control programme, and help raise
awareness with their own clients, as well
as to start to map the occurrence of the
BVD Update...
In December 2012, the AHDB (Dairy Co and EBLEX)
were awarded a contract by DEFRA to help deliver
knowledge exchange programmes in the control of
BVD and sheep scab. XLVets Training Services is
managing the BVD control part of the programme in
close liaison with the AHDB.
disease through small scale testing on
farm. Results are being shared with the
Royal Veterinary College, who are
chairing the Technical and Scientific
committee looking at BVD control, and
feeding into a wider industry stakeholder
group, chaired by Vice Chairman of the
national livestock board, Bill Mellor, to
help recommend a strategy for BVD control
in England from March 2014 (when this
initial programme ends).
To get involved in BVD control,
please call the team at XLVet
Training Services on
01765 608489
or email