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The new platform brings with it new
opportunities - as well as access for
vets; farmers and advisors are now able
to use the site to download reports such
as Cell Check lite and Feed Check Lite
which are delivered direct from the
system with no interpretation required,
they can also request a fully interpreted
report which will be delivered by an
XLVets veterinary surgeon.
Grassroots Herd Check allows busy farmers,
vets and their advisors to save time by rapidly
compiling the most relevant data and
presenting it in an easy to read format,
which highlights both current herd performance
and trends over time. Any recorded herd can
have its data processed via the Grassroots
Herd Check software. Once signed permission
has been given by the client. Once users are
registered, the system automatically checks for
new milk recording data and updates the site
every day, so that the latest recording results
are always available for analysis. There is no
need to spend time downloading data from
the milk recording company’s website or
transferring data from third party websites. An
additional benefit of Grassroots Herd Check is
that our service is not limited to any single milk
recording company and is fully compatible with
all the different milk recording organisations.
Each month, the individual cow cell count
readings from the monthly milk recording visit
are automatically captured by the Grassroots
Herd Check software, and the vet responsible
is notified. The vet then interprets the findings,
based on their knowledge of the farm and the
cows, and produces a final report. Ideally
each month some of the allotted routine visit
time is used to go through the Cell Check
results with the client.
New name, same aim - deliver a quality service through
data translation to lower somatic cell counts (SCC) and
improve milk quality.
Grassroots Herd Check (formerly
Clover Cell Check) has a new look,
new website
and new owners. XLVets are now
the sole owners of this existing
service which efficiently converts
milk recording data into a monthly
farm report that enables the vet to
determine activity on farm.
Grassroots Herd Check
SCC Status Summary