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Vétoquinol UK Ltd recently announced the
winners of the 'Responsible use of
Antimicrobials in Food Producing Animals
Award'. Veterinary practices from across the
UK were encouraged to apply and promote
the positive measures undertaken at practice
level to minimise the development of
antimicrobial resistance.
XLVets is working with the group to run
informative and interactive practical events
for Nottingham students. Oli Maxwell of
XLVets Scarsdale Veterinary Group led the
first practical workshop on a farm in
Derbyshire; the topic was 'Housing of
Dairy Youngstock'. The 30 places were
advertised to students and filled within
24 hours with 1st to 4th year students.
Oli began by showing students the farm
layout and various sheds, reviewing the
principles of youngstock housing such as
building design, stocking density, ventilation
and the 'stack effect', air space and the
importance of housing calves in groups of
similar ages. The students considered how
it relates to disease outbreaks that they will
see in practice, before disbanding into
smaller groups to look at the sheds and
then grouping later to discuss their thoughts,
alternative housing styles, and to test
the ventilation.
‘Our practical events so far have been
adjunctive to the clinical information
presented in lectures. This session took in
our practical surroundings and students'
prior experience to promote discussion of
best theory and the diversity we will face in
practice. While theory and design are
important we hope it is not naive to strive
for better union between theory and
practice, something our new society aims to
address in many aspects of farm veterinary
medicine,’ commented Reuben Newsome,
student, Nottingham University.
Joanne Bates at Scott Mitchell Associates won
the North of England award and Justine Shotton
at Larkmead won the South of England award.
Justine was also announced as the overall
competition winner.
John Fishwick, Royal Veterinary College
commented ‘It was good to see a range of
entries for this competition. The winning entries
really impressed us with the practical and
innovative approaches they had taken to this
very important issue; really making an impact
on how medicines are being used by
their clients.’
All entries for the competition were
complimented by the judges; however Justine
Shotton's entry was shown to demonstrate 'an
excellent understanding of the critical issues
surrounding the responsible use of antimicrobials
supported by impressive measures the practice
has taken to address these' and was therefore
awarded overall winner.
supports Nottingham vet
students with practical workshops
The Nottingham Farm Animal Veterinary Society, NFAVS, is a new society within the
Nottingham vet school aimed at broadening knowledge of undergraduate farm vets
and preparing students for life in practice.
Joanne Bates, Scott Mitchell Associates
Justine Shotton, Larkmead Veterinary Group
XLVets practices win ‘Responsible use
of Antimicrobials in Food Producing
Animals Awards’