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is a novel and exciting initiative
conceived from within the veterinary profession.
We are all independently owned, progressive
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United Kingdom committed to working together
for the benefit of our clients.
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Grassroots Herd Check:
An overview of the Grassroots
Herd Check service provided by XLVets
which efficiently converts millking data
into a farm report that enables the vet
to determine activity on farm.
Assess nutritional status and body
condition of in-lamb ewes to maximise
lamb output (and sometimes savemoney):
Vets Russell Fuller of Tyndale Vet
Practice in Gloucestershire and Joe
Henry of Alnorthumbria Vet Group
in Northumberland give their
recommendations on determining the
right level of feeding for ewes to help
maximise the number of lambs reared.
Buying in cattle. The importance
of biosecurity:
Bruce Richards, Paragon Veterinary
Group advises on the importance of
knowing the health status of your herd
and the herd you’re buying from before
bringing any new cattle on to your farm.
Welcome to the
issue of Livestock Matters
In this issue we report on the work of
the XLVets group in providing a national
picture of the extent of Schmallenberg
virus spread across the UK. XLVets
members Charlie Lambert and Iain
Richards talk us through the results of
the study and what has been found
nationally and regionally. As there is
still no vaccination available, we also
have some useful advice for farmers.
Although for many the lambing season is
now underway, in this issue we take a look
at nutrition of the breeding ewe, which as
we see, should be considered year-round,
not just on the approach to lambing.
We also have a feature on biosecurity
considerations when buying in stock;
which highlights that it's not only important
knowing the health status of the stock
arriving, and of the farm where it is coming
from, but also the importance of knowing
your own herd's status and implementing
a suitable disease management and
vaccination programme.
Finally we welcome our two new 'Student
Diaries' columnists; Emily, who is in her
third year at Bristol University and Sam,
a farmer's son, who is now in his fourth
year at Cambridge. Over the coming
issues Emily and Sam are going to take
us through a year of their studies and give
us an insight into life as a vet student at
their respective universities.
We hope you enjoy this issue.
Joanne Sharpe
The Safe and Responsible Use of Veterinary
Medicines FarmSkills course.
Student Diaries:
We welcome our new veterinary students
Emily Collier and Sam Bowker as we follow
them over the next year of their studies.
A report that details the causes and problems
associated with the spread of the Schmallenberg
virus. We also review the national survey carried
out by XLVets into the prevalance of this virus.
Schmallenberg virus: