XLVets Brochure

Who are XLVets ? XLVets is a group of independently-owned, progressive veterinary practices that work together to achieve the highest standards of veterinary care. Members of XLVets work collaboratively sharing knowledge, experience and skills, to achieve excellence in veterinary practice that ensures they deliver a high level of customer care and animal welfare. Founded in the UK in 2005, XLVets originated from a group of dynamic predominantly farm animal biased veterinary practices, all of whom worked hard to create what they saw as a model of how individual practices can work successfully in partnership. Following a period of rapid growth, XLVets is increasingly being recognised nationally as a 'quality mark' for veterinary care, not only for livestock, but also in the fields of small animal and equine care. XLVets is now recognised at a global level, with a strong presence in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. XLVets members aspire to be part of a successful global community of veterinary networks. By providing a model that supports collaborative working, members have the opportunity to share ideas and learn new skills beyond their regional and country boundaries. Through this collaboration, XLVets members can link research projects together, access the latest cutting-edge technologies and share resource and expertise, with the long-term goal of developing a truly global network of excellence in veterinary practice. No matter what country, the ethos of the XLVets group is that business ownership, and therefore all decision-making, is in the hands of the clinicians who work within the practice. XLVets exists to ensure that its member practices can leverage the advantages of scale and process management that can be obtained with bigger structures, but not to do this at the expense of absolute control. Our Values l Generate cost-savings and improved business efficiencies for member practices. l Raise brand awareness for individual vets, member practices and the XLVets group. l Build a model for strong independent veterinary owned and veterinary-led practices for the future. XLVets members are actively encouraged to get involved and shape the direction of the business and activities for the group. Member executives are tasked with brainstorming opportunities and challenges and they develop the strategy for XLVets, working with the Board of Directors, that will support member practices to flourish in an ever-changing marketplace. In order to deliver Excellence in Practice, XLVets practices work with five strategic pillars; Opposite are just a small number of activities that have been developed within each pillar, each country will run specific activities that support their practices. Many ideas are generated by the member practices themselves, which are developed and shaped into a package of support using a combination of internal and external expertise. Working together to deliver excellence in practice Integrity Teamwork Taking Initiative Having Fun Delivering Excellence Values Our Objectives People Communication and Branding Growth Clinical Excellence Business Process Efficiency