Small Talk - Summer 2018

Socialisation is a term that is often misunderstood. S ocialisation is NOT introducing your puppy to as many people, dogs, situations and environments as possible in the shortest possible time. Socialisation IS about steadily (at your puppies pace) introducing people, dogs and situations in a calm and controlled manner, ensuring that every outcome is a positive one. Puppies do not need to interact and play with every person or dog. They need to be able to cope with having them in the vicinity and knowing how to react. How you socialise your puppy will also have a large impact on your dog's behaviour, such as walking on a loose lead and recall, to being able to wait calmly in a veterinary waiting room. At an early age your puppy is very dependant on you and you are the most important 06 small talk Puppy socialisation By Shelley Heading DipCABT APDT (308) ICAN ABTC Cert NUT (RQF level3) The Dog House Academy