Small Talk - Winter 2017

Pet Health Schemes 02 small talk There is no better way to do this than to have a Pet Health Care Scheme. For example the Lifetime Care Club. It is not pet insurance and we advise owners that insurance is still a very necessary requirement. The schemes are monthly payment plans that cover the essential aspects of responsible pet health care and may cover other services too. The advantages of a plan is more cost effective health care with a substantial annual saving on the normal costs. The schemes include everything you need to keep your pet in tip top condition. The 6 monthly health check can pick up any issues early and the scheme also provides a handy reminder system as to when vaccination and anti-parasite treatments are needed. Money off other products such as food ensures your pet also has optimum nutrition to keep them well at an affordable price. Many insurance companies now look at pets being part of these schemes as a sign of responsible pet ownership and some will even reduce the premiums as a result. With climate change and more pets travelling to and from abroad, proper parasite control is essential all year round. Warmer weather outside and central heating means that fleas etc. can even be a problem in the winter months. The recent discovery of another tick borne disease called Babesiosis in this country, means effective tick control is also necessary. Your vet practice will be happy to discuss the correct preventative treatments and services for your pet and inform you of the benefits of their own healthcare scheme. Contact your practice to find out more about your practice health scheme. Pet Health Schemes - the benefits Veterinary Medicine is evolving; no longer are we content to patch up animals when they are already unwell, we feel it is far more effective to practice preventative medicine - treating the animal before it becomes poorly. Pip Elphee RVN Bsc (Hons) MHAO Cedar Veterinary Group l Routine vaccinations (additional vaccinations e.g. rabies and RHD 2 receive a discount). l Year round flea, tick and worm control including lungworm prevention. l A 6 month health check with a vet. l Discounted procedures such as neutering, routine dentals and in-house lab fees. l Discounts on merchandise such as food and toys. l And several other advantages such as free microchipping and nail clips. l Discount for additional pets on the scheme. Monthly direct debit payments in our scheme will cover: