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Visitors to the yard:
ideally there should be only one entrance / exit into your yard, marked
as the main entrance;
parking should be away from horses to help keep disease-carrying
organisms from being tracked from car floors or tyres to your horses;
ask all visitors to wear clean clothes and shoes;
if you have many visitors, such as a yard tour or open house make a
footbath for them to walk through;
it is recommended to record the date and time and contact details for
all visitors onto the yard so they can easily be traced in the event of an
outbreak of infectious disease.
Horses travelling to events/shows:
avoid sharing transport with horses from other yards or with other
take your own buckets, and water if possible;
avoid nose to nose contact between horses;
wash your hands after you handle other horses;
clean and disinfect your boots and outer clothing after each show;
be aware of horses at the yard or stables that may have been exposed
to disease e.g. at shows or events, and speak to your vet if you have any
if horses have stabled away with close contact with other horses it is
recommended they should be kept in isolation on return to the yard.
Yard biosecurity plan: preventing disease
Parking and public areas should be well away from the
main yard.
Special precautions must be taken for horses mixing at shows
and events.
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