Livestock Matters - Spring 2019

Livestock Matters Spring 2019 Welcome to the Spring issue of Livestock Matters 02 the editor Rachel Queenborough XLVets Member Practices Livestock Matters is published by: XLVet UK Ltd Tel: (01228) 711788 *This publication is supplied free of charge to farm clients of XLVets member practices. © XLVet UK Ltd No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior permission of the publisher. Disclaimer: XLVets does not necessarily share the views of contributors. No responsibility can be accepted for opinions expressed by contributors, or claims made by advertisers within this publication.  Kicking off this issue, there’s a 4–page feature on vaccines and vaccination programmes, and the key factors impacting on their efficacy and effectiveness. Vets – Andy Cant in the Orkney Islands, Paul Kirkwood in Cumbria and Miranda Macinnes in Cornwall, give their advice on how to ensure the best results. But vaccination is not a silver bullet, as Piers Pepperell of Mount Vets points out: a good vaccination protocol will not fix a poor colostrum protocol. On one Somerset dairy farm, simply improving colostrum management significantly reduced cases of calf pneumonia. And in the eradication of Johne’s disease in cattle, vet Graeme Richardson of Thrums Veterinary Group advocates testing and culling, reducing environmental challenges …..and not vaccinating. As for bovine TB, strict biosecurity is the key to disease prevention. Vet Rhian Rochford of Friars Moor Livestock Health highlights some practical measures which can be taken to protect herds from contact with TB–infected wildlife. We hope you enjoy this issue of Livestock Matters. 1 Northvet Veterinary Group 2 Donald S McGregor and Partners 3 Thrums Veterinary Group 4 Clyde Veterinary Group 5 Armour Veterinary Group 6 Dunmuir Veterinary Group 7 Scott Mitchell Associates 8 Capontree Veterinary Centre 9 Paragon Veterinary Group 10 Millcroft Veterinary Group 11 Parklands Veterinary Group 12 Craven Farm Vets 13 Bishopton Veterinary Group 14 Wright & Morten 15 Scarsdale Veterinary Group 16 Farm Vet Solutions 17 Cain Veterinary Centre 18 Midshire Veterinary Group 19 Shropshire Farm Vets 20 608 Farm & Equine 21 Belmont Farm & Equine 22 Tyndale Vets 23 ProStock Vets 24 Allen and Partners 25 Fenton Vets 26 Farm First Veterinary Services 27 Hook Norton Veterinary Group 28 Larkmead Veterinary Group 29 Drove Vets 30 Cliffe Veterinary Group 31 Shepton Veterinary Group 32 Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic 33 Synergy Farm Health 34 St Boniface Veterinary Clinic 35 Torch Farm & Equine 36 Calweton Veterinary Group 37 Mount Vets 38 Black Sheep Farm Health 39 Stanley House Vets