Equine Matters Spring 2019

10 Equine Matters Spring 2019 It is impossible to answer this question definitively. However, if you have met all the conditions of the insurance policy it would be expected that the insurance company will settle the claim. A quick look at reviews of horse insurance companies may reveal some to be easier than others to deal with. As with most things in life, you often get what you pay for; if a quote is substantially cheaper, look carefully - there may be a reason why. Exclusions are a common reason for claims to fail. These are when a company will not insure a certain body part or condition. Many exclusions are due to pre-existing conditions . These are conditions that started before you took out or renewed the policy. It doesn’t matter that you may not have claimed for the pre-existing condition so it is important to notify your insurers of any veterinary treatment as it arises. Furthermore, most insurance companies will require a full medical history from your vet at the time of making a claim. All-risk mortality claims need a special mention. It is worth reading the BEVA mortality guidelines prior to taking out insurance, which state: ‘That the insured horse sustains an injury or manifests an illness or disease that is so severe as to warrant immediate destruction to relieve incurable and excessive pain and that no other options of treatment are available to that horse at that time.’ The above describes some very specific circumstances where mortality is covered: there are many scenarios which are likely not to be covered, such as chronic conditions where a horse is electively euthanased. Even in situations where a horse needs to be immediately euthanased, in the absence of a diagnosis, the insurance company is likely to require a post mortem examination to be performed. These can be tricky claims to navigate as owners often assume that a claim will be possible regardless of the reason for euthanasia and this is not the case. Will my insurers pay out? In summary Insurance can be an extremely useful purchase for you and your horse, and can help you financially during difficult times. However it is important to understand what you want from a policy and then to find a policy which fulfils these needs.